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小学英语阅读之第十三篇 The Crip Hans   There once was a rich feudal lord. He and his wife had a big farm. They wished everyone else would live as happily as they did. On one Christmas Eve, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree stood in their big hall, and firewood was burning vigorously. The cou invited all the poor children and their parents of the country to their house.   Traditional Christmas meals were served to everyone, and peo went back to their homes and talked about the dinner and the   gifts. Kersten and Ole, who were working in a garden, received the gifts for their children and went back home. Both masters are very kind, but that's because they are rich. They are enjoying themselves.   We have only four suits of clothes. Why didn't they give anything to Hans? Maybe it's because Hans is a crip, so they forgot him. Hans was a very active and smart boy, but he had to stay in bed for five years because of his weak legs. Oh, but I received a book for Hans Hans was so happy because of the book. The thick fairy tale book had a lot to read and to think about deeply.   Kersten and Ole were always complaining because they were always busy. Some peo have both happiness and wealth at the same time, but for other peo, the only thing they have is poverty. Why do we have to suffer so much because of Adam and Eve? If we were Adam and Eve, we would not behave like them. You would do same as they did. This book can tell you why.   What did the book say? Hans read a story to his parents loudly. 'One woodcutter cou always complained that their unhappiness began because of Adam and Eve. At that time, a King was riding a horse and heard them and said, Come to my palace with me. You can live as luxuriously as I can. You have seven kinds of wonderful dishes and deserts at every meal.   Never touch the plate covered with a lid in the middle of the table. As soon as you touch the plate, your peaceful and luxurious life will be over. The woodcutter cou lived luxuriously after that, but soon they became curious what was on the plate under the lid. After a while, they uncovered the lid of the plate.   That's it. Now go back where you came from. Do not blame Adam and Eve any more. You have the same amount of curiosity as they did, and besides you cannot appreciate God's grace and gifts. Hans' parents were surprised by the story about the woodcutter cou, and they told Hans to read the same story every night.   One night, Hans read his parents a story about a man who does not know both sadness and dissatisfaction. 'A long time ago, a King became ill, and there was only one cure the underwear of a man who never knew both sadness and dissatisfaction. His subjects visited every king and nobleman of the world searching for the cure, but they could not find it.'   One day, a swineherd was sitting next to a ditch said, I don't know anything about sadness and dissatisfaction. I have always have been living my life happily. Give me your underwear. We will give you half of our kingdom in exchange for that. Even though the subjects tried to persuade him, the swineherd did not have underwear to give to the subject of the King. Hans' parents laughed loudly as if they had not laughed for a long time.   What are you so happy about? It's been a long time since I saw you smiling. Hans read a story about a man who does not know about sadness and dissatisfaction. He is too poor to have any underwear. Try to imagine him! Everyone has his own burden to carry by himself. But if you listen to other peo's stories, you will feel your burden of life is much lighter than before.   Where did you get this book? One year ago at the Christmas party, the mistress gave us as a gift. At that time, we wanted to have underwear as a gift rather than a book. But this book is like magic. It gives us the answers to what we always were curious about. After that day, the schoolmaster visited Hans, who always stays in his bed in the afternoons, gave him a lot of knowledge that children at school could learn.   The schoolmaster got invited to the feudal lord's mansion and had a meal with them. In the middle of dinner, he told them the book that they had given to Hans was such a blessed gift for the family. The mistress gave some silver coins to the schoolmaster, and asked him to give them to Hans. Hans' parents were very happy to get the silver coins. Cripd Hans brings us blessings. A few days later, the mistress herself visited Hans with a basket of delicious bread, fruit and juice, and a cage with a black bird. Hans was so happy for the gift, but his parents were not. Rich peo cannot think. If Hans cannot take care of the bird, we have to do the troublesome work. In the end, a cat will eat the bird anyway.   A cat often visited the room, but it seemed that it was not interested in the black bird. One afternoon, when Hans was reading the book, the cat was staring at the bird in the cage above a dresser. The cat jumped up to the window frame next to the cage in a breath. Hans worried about the bird, and he tried to throw his fairy tale book at the cat, but it did not reach the cat.   Hans wielded a bedcover, but it was a vain effort. The cat jumped up to the dresser and dropped the cage to the ground. At the same time, Hans suddenly leaped to his feet from his bed, picked up the cage and shooed the cat away. Hans saw himself   holding the cage in his hand. He realized what happened to him and ran out to the road.   I can walk. Now I can walk! On that day, Hans' family had a big party. The feudal lord and his wife were happy as if their own son could walk again. You have a good mind, God bless you always. Hans went to a school in Copenhagen because he was so smart, and he could understand so well what he read. His parents were sad that they could not live with their son, but they were very happy whenever they got a letter with happy news from him.   What happened to Hans is proof that God does not forget poor children. What happened to Hans is such a miracle. Is it like one of the stories which Hans used to tell us? Hans' parents held each other's hands and looked at each other piously.   跛子汉斯   曾经有一个丰富的封建领主。他和他的妻子有一个很大的农场。他们希望其他人能像他们那样幸福的生活。在一个圣诞夜,一个装饰华丽的圣诞树站在大厅,和柴火蓬勃燃烧。这对夫妇邀请所有国家的贫困儿童和他们的父母对他们的房子。   传统的圣诞餐提供给每个人,人们回到他们的家园和谈论晚餐和   礼物。Kersten和Ole,在花园工作,收到的礼物给孩子,回了家。大师都很好,但这是因为他们很富有。他们正在享受自己。   我们只有四种花色的衣服。为什么他们不给任何汉斯吗?也许是因为汉斯是一个跛子,所以他们忘了他。汉斯是一个非常活跃的,聪明的男孩,但是他不得不呆在床上躺了五年,因为他的双腿疲软。哦,但我收到一本书汉斯汉斯高兴极了,因为这本书。厚厚的童话书有很多阅读和思考。   Kersten和Ole总是抱怨,因为他们总是忙。有些人都幸福和财富的同时,但是对另一些人来说,他们的唯一的事就是贫困。为什么我们要遭受这么多因为亚当和夏娃?如果我们是亚当和夏娃,我们不会像他们。你会和他们一样。这本书可以告诉你为什么。   这本书说了什么?汉斯大声读了一个故事给他的父母听。一位樵夫夫妇总是抱怨说,他们的不幸始于亚当和夏娃。那时,有一个王骑着马,听见他们说:你们同我到我这里来。你可以尽情地生活。每餐都有七种美味的菜肴和甜点。   千万别碰桌子中间盖着盖子的盘子。只要你一碰盘子,你的平静和奢华的生活就会结束。这对樵夫夫妇过着奢侈的生活,但很快他们就对盖子下面的盘子产生了好奇。过了一会儿,他们揭开了盘子的盖子。   就是这样。现在回到你来的地方。不要再责备亚当和夏娃了。你拥有和他们一样的好奇心,而且你不能欣赏神的恩典和恩赐。汉斯的父母对这对樵夫夫妇的故事感到惊讶,他们告诉汉斯每天晚上都要读同样的故事。   一天晚上,汉斯给他的父母读了一个关于一个不知道悲伤和不满的男人的故事。很久以前,一个国王病倒了,只有一个人能治好一个从来都不知道悲伤和不满的人的内衣。他的臣民访问了世界各地的国王和贵族寻找治疗方法,但他们找不到。   一天,一个猪倌坐在一条水沟旁说:我对悲伤和不满一无所知。我一直过着幸福的生活。把你的内衣给我。我们将给你一半的王国作为交换。虽然臣民试图说服他,但猪倌却没有内裤给国王臣服。汉斯的父母大笑起来,好像他们很久没有笑了。   你为什么这么高兴?自从我看到你微笑已经有很长时间了。汉斯读了一个关于一个不知道悲伤和不满的男人的故事。他太穷了,不能穿内衣。试着想象一下他!每个人都有自己的负担。但是如果你听别人的故事,你会觉得你的生活负担比以前轻了很多。   你从哪儿弄到这本书的?一年前的圣诞晚会上,女主人送给我们一件礼物。那时,我们想把内衣作为礼物而不是书。但这本书就像魔法一样。它给出了我们一直好奇的答案。那天下午,校长拜访了汉斯,他总是在下午呆在他的床上,让他知道学校里的孩子们可以学习。   校长被邀请到封建领主的府邸吃饭。晚饭时,他告诉他们,他们给汉斯的那本书是送给家人的幸运礼物。女主人把一些银币交给校长,让他给汉斯。汉斯的父母很高兴得到银币。汉斯给我们带来了幸福。几天后,女主人亲自去拜访汉斯,手里拿着一篮美味的面包、水果和果汁,还有一个带着黑鸟的笼子。汉斯为这礼物高兴,但他的父母却不高兴。富人不能思考。如果汉斯不能照顾这只鸟,我们就必须做麻烦的工作。最后,猫还是会吃鸟的。   一只猫经常到房间来,但它似乎对黑鸟不感兴趣。一天下午,当汉斯正在看这本书时,猫正盯着一个梳妆台上方的鸟笼。那只猫突然跳到笼子旁边的窗框上。汉斯担心这只鸟,他想把他的童话书扔给猫,但它没能够到猫。   汉斯挥舞着床罩,但这是徒劳的。猫跳上了梳妆台,把笼子扔到地上。与此同时,汉斯突然从床上跳起来,拿起笼子,把猫赶走了。汉斯把自己   手里拿着笼子。他意识到发生了什么事,跑到马路上。   我可以走了。现在我可以走了!那天,汉斯一家举行了盛大的聚会。封建领主和他的妻子很高兴,仿佛他们的儿子可以再次行走。你有一个好主意,上帝保佑你。汉斯去了哥本哈根的一所学校,因为他很聪明,他能很好地理解他所读到的东西。他的父母很伤心,他们不能和儿子一起生活,但当他们收到他的好消息时,他们非常高兴。   汉斯的遭遇证明了上帝不会忘记贫穷的孩子。汉斯的遭遇真是个奇迹。这是汉斯用来告诉我们的故事吗?汉斯的父母握着对方的手,虔诚地看着对方。


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