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  One day, one of the subjects found out the cou's worry and told them, Prince, I heard that there is a magic charm, and it can protect you from any unfortunate event. If you always carry the magic charm with you, your fear and worry will disappear. Is it true? Where can I find that charm? The prince asked him joyfully. There is an old man in the forest, and he knows about everything. You can ask him.

  The cou visited the old man, and asked for help with their worries and fears. The old man nodded his head as if he knew everything and said, Travel all around the world. Then, when you meet a very happy cou, ask them to cut a piece of their underwear. If you keep the piece of the underwear, your fear and worry will go away.   The cou appreciated the old man's kindness and set out on the journey. The cou wandered around everywhere and heard about a happy knight and his wife of one town. They went to visit the knight. Are you really happy like the rumor? Then the knight answered. Of course, we are, Prince. But our only worry and problem is that we didn't have any children.   They had to find an absolutely happy cou, so they continued their journey. They visited a happy cou who were famous for their happiness in the next town. And they asked the cou if they were really happy. The cou answered. Yes, we are very happy. But we have too many children. A mother with a large brood never has a peaceful day. We worry too much about our children.   They could not get a magic charm this time too, and kept going on their trip. It was very hard to find the happiest cou in the world. One day, the prince cou met a shepherd and his wife in a big field.   The shepherd was playing a flute and driving a herd of sheep, and his wife took their two children to him. As soon as the shepherd saw his family, he ran to them directly. He kissed and embraced each of them by turns. They sat in a circle and had lunch after the wife had prepared it.   The prince cou watched for a while and approached them. Excuse me. You look so happy! The shepherd smiled and said, Sure, any king or queen can never be happier than we are.   The prince cou thought that they finally found what they were looking for. I am sorry, but could you ase cut a piece of your underwear for us? The prince cou asked them very politely, but the shepherd cou felt confused and said, Of course we would like to help you, but we don't wear any underwear.   In the end, the cou set out on their journey again with nothing. Finally they came back to their home because they were so tired, and because they couldn't find the magic charm too. As soon as they came back to their country, they visited the old man. The prince told their story to the old man and asked him. Why did you make us suffer from the long trip for a charm which doesn't even exist? The old man smiled and said, Well, do you really think your trip was a vain effort? Think about it carefully. While you were traveling around, you learned many things about how other peo live, didn't you?   The prince thought to himself for a while and said, Ah, now I understand. You mean that true happiness is up to yourself. The prince's wife smiled and nodded her head. The happy cou held their hands and looked in each other's eyes.   The old man said as he watched them. The true magic charm that you are searching for is in your mind. Keep it carefully from now on. Then, you'll never be unhappy with whatever comes your way.   幸福的夫妇   很久以前,在一个国家里有一个快乐的王子和公主。他们互相照顾,非常相爱,他们的国家也很幸福。因此,他们并不羡慕别的东西。他们担心的是一件事。他们想要确保他们能像这样幸福地生活下去   有一天,其中一名受试者发现了这对夫妇的担心,并对他们说:王子,我听说有一种魔力,它可以保护你不受任何不幸事件的困扰。如果你总是带着魔咒,你的恐惧和忧虑就会消失。是真的吗?我在哪里可以找到这种魅力?王子高兴地问他。森林里有一个老人,他对一切都很了解。你可以问他。   这对夫妇拜访了老人,并向他们寻求帮助,担心他们的担心和担心。老人点点头,好像他什么都知道似的,说:周游世界。然后,当你遇到一对非常幸福的夫妇时,请他们把他们的内裤剪掉。如果你把那件内衣留着,你的恐惧和忧虑就会消失。   这对夫妇感激老人的好意,踏上了旅途。这对夫妇到处闲逛,听说了一个快乐的骑士和一个小镇的妻子。他们去拜访骑士。你真的很开心吗?然后,骑士回答说。当然,我们是王子。但我们唯一的担心和问题是,我们没有孩子。   他们必须找到一个非常幸福的夫妇,所以他们继续他们的旅程。他们拜访了一对幸福的夫妇,他们以在下一个城镇的幸福而闻名。他们问这对夫妇是否真的很开心。这对夫妇回答。是的,我们非常高兴。但是我们的孩子太多了。一个有很多孩子的母亲从来没有过平静的日子。我们太担心孩子了。   这一次他们也无法获得一种魔力,继续他们的旅行。很难找到世界上最幸福的夫妻。一天,王子夫妇在一个大的田野里遇见了一个牧羊人和他的妻子。   牧羊人正在吹笛子,开着一群羊,他的妻子带着他们的两个孩子去了他。牧羊人一看到他的家人,就直接向他们跑去。他亲吻并拥抱每一个人。他们围坐成一圈,在妻子准备好后吃了午饭。   王子夫妇看了一会儿,走近他们。对不起。你看起来很快乐!牧羊人笑着说:当然,任何国王或王后都不会比我们更幸福。   王子夫妇认为他们终于找到了他们想要的东西。很抱歉,你能帮我们把你的内裤剪掉吗?王子夫妇很有礼貌地问他们,但是这对牧羊人夫妇感到很困惑,说:我们当然愿意帮助你,但是我们不穿内裤。   最后,这对夫妇又一次踏上了他们的旅程。最后,他们回到了自己的家,因为他们太累了,因为他们也找不到魔法的魅力。他们一回到他们的国家,就去拜访那位老人。王子把他们的故事讲给老人听,然后问他。你为什么要让我们为一种甚至不存在的魅力而痛苦呢?老人微笑着说:你真的认为你的旅行是徒劳的吗?仔细想想。当你四处旅行的时候,你学到了很多关于别人如何生活的东西,不是吗?   王子想了一会儿,说:啊,现在我明白了。你的意思是真正的快乐是由你自己决定的。王子的妻子微微一笑,点了点头。这对幸福的夫妇抱着他们的手,看着对方的眼睛。   老人一边看着他们一边说。你正在寻找的真正的魔法魅力在你的脑海中。从现在开始要小心谨慎。然后,你永远不会对任何你想要的东西感到不满。


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